Andrew Jackson

from hero to zero

The trail of tears

When Jackson was president he had already defeated some native americans in the war of 1812. There came a time in his presidency that they had found gold on Cherokee land. They promised the natives help to get to a new area and a bunch of other things that weren't true. Having to leave on there one by there will was hard for them. Many died on they way there , they could not fight it. It was a very gloomy time for them lost lots of loved ones , and had to start there lives all over again.

Abusive Jackson

As they times passed Jackson would use all of his power and more if he could. He very much abused his powers. He was one the first presidents that used the veto. He abused of his power so much people started comparing him to king Henry the 1st. that how much he abused of his president powers.

" The spoils system "

This system that Jackson made is very uneducated. the "spoils system" to were you spoil someone that helped you to gain what you have. It doesn't even matter if they can't do anything right , maybe they don't even now how to read. this is a very uncanny thing , basically you help them and then you have a job in the white house. NO education needed just as long as you help. While there's other people studying for years and that person doing nothing they still get the job for helping. this a very biased system.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

the rage

while Jackson was president he actually threatened to go hang his old vice preseident which lived in the south where drama was starting. his name is john C. This showed he didn't care who you were he could turn on you so quickly. One minute jackson could be so happy the next he has an utter hate for you. This showed people to be careful. In the picture above it is actually him hanging a person if they don't do as told , be careful.