Drugs In Vietnam

Why use drugs?

Many soldiers chose to use drugs because it mellowed them.

Drugs also diffused social problems.

Comfort to some soldiers to help them keep fighting.

What happens if drugs are used?

Punishable offense but that didn't stop them.

One punishment could be execution.
Many leaders ignored it and some encouraged it.

Key Facts

Drugs took soldiers minds off the war.

Drug use?

• Heroin and marijuana were the main two drugs.

• Many young soldiers had their first experience with drugs while overseas.

• Many were sick when they came home because they got to be dependent on drugs.


-opposed Vietnam and the draft
-Hippies were laid back and were anti-war
-did drugs to find "self center"
-when drafted, brought drugs and other ways over to Vietnam

How Drugs Affected the Outcome of the Vietnam War

-Drugs affected many soldiers
-When they came home, many had psychological problems (seen friends killed)
-Many were already too addicted to the drug
-Took these drugs to soften their pain
-Many didn't want to go back to the war (formed groups)

-Caused friendly fire.

-Soldiers not on top of their game or totally aware.