Battle of the Century

Covering 3 major battles between Danes/Geats and Monsters

Beowulf Vs. Grendel

It all started when Grendel, a very angry monster, attacked the Danes in their mead-hall while they were all drunk. They went 12 winters enduring these attacks until Beowulf, a brave warrior, came to their rescue. He came all the way from Geatland and talked to Hrothgar, the Danish King. Beowulf's father and Hrothgar had known each other and Hrothgar knew how good of a warrior Beowulf would be, because of his father. Beowulf faces a lot of adversity from Unferth, one of Hrothgar's soldiers, and best friends. Unferth is jealous of Beowulf, but Beowulf doesn't let him get in the way of the task. Beowulf takes on Grendel with no clothes or weapons, and wins the battle by ripping off the mighty Grendel's arm.

Battle of Beowulf vs. Grendel's Mother

When Grendel came home dying and his arm gone, Grendel's mother didn't like hearing that. She attacks the mead hall to avenge her son's death, Beowulf clearly doesn't like that. He makes the trek all the way down a lake to Grendel's and his mother's den's under a lake. Of course, they also battle to the death, Grendel's Mother uses all her rage on Beowulf, however, Beowulf still kills Grendel's mother because he is obviously the supreme warrior. He then cuts off Grendel's head and returns it to the Mead Hall as a trophy. Grendel and his mother are now dead, and all of the Danes and Geats are celebrating once again. Beowulf returns to Geatland where he becomes king for 50 years. All is well until he gets called back.

Final Battle, The Dragon

As we all know, Beowulf has killed Grendel, Grendel's mother, and returned to Geatland to become king of his people. Him and the Danes stay happy for 50 more years, until a thief steals a dragon's treasure. The dragon becomes very angry at the Danes, and begins to attack their mead hall, once again. Beowulf returns to the Danes once again. He vows to battle the dragon, though he is very old now. He says he would fight him as he did Grendel, with no weapons or armor if it were possible, but it is not. He stays in the Mead Hall until the Dragon comes again, then the battle begins. The battle eventually goes outside and all of Beowulf's soldiers run, except for one brave soldier, Beowulf's cousin. Beowulf used his old blade, and tried to stab through the Dragon's tough skin, but it breaks although it does draw blood. Beowulf's cousin, Wiglaf, comes to help Beowulf when nobody else would. He and Beowulf kill the Dragon together, but Beowulf is badly burned. He is going to die in his old age and from his injuries. He tells Wiglaf to go retrieve all of the treasure that the Dragon had been protecting. He passes the throne to Wiglaf and tells him to tell the soldiers they do not deserve anything, for they were cowards and ran when he needed them most. Beowulf will go down as one of the most brave warriors from the time.