Tito Zamarron - November 2, 2015


Pope Francis had a big impact when he visited the United States of America. He pushed for change and he got it. He addressed the issue of income inequality and issued an encyclical urging the world to tackle climate change. Although, he has many critics, he also has many supporters.

Supporting Details

"In other words, the spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics stepped into the middle of some of the most contentious issues in American politics."

"...he’s issued an encyclical—an official Vatican document—urging the world to tackle climate change."

"Not everyone is happy with how Francis has handled his papacy."

"...says Bruce Morrill, a professor of Catholic studies at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. 'You try to listen to people first, and then start a dialogue.' "

Real World Application

This article has a big impact in the real world.
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Watch: Pope Francis addresses Congress (with subtitles)