Washington School for the Deaf

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-The Washington School for Defective Youth was established on February 3, 1886 in Vancouver, Clark County by Watson Squire.

-Waston Squire was the 11th governor at the time

-1886: The first site where students were housed was an abandoned frame boarding house called "Alta House"

-1888: The Legislature, after an appeal of a group of deaf and blind students, appropriated money for a new brick building called the Main Building

-1889: Washington Territory became a state.

-1891: School director, James Watson, recommended that the "feeble minded" be separated from the deaf and blind students to a building about a half mile away.

-1893: Edmund Price became the first graduate of Washington School for the Deaf.

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More Information

Washington School for the Deaf Outreach offers statewide services to deaf and hard of hearing students, teachers of the deaf, educators serving the deaf, educational interpreters and families of deaf infants, toddlers and students.

Services include:

Academic and Intellectual

ASL evaluation

Audiological Services

Deaf Resources

Educational Interpreters

Speech-Lang Evaluations

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Residential Life at WSD

WSD students come from all areas of the state to attend school. Students who live outside the Vancouver, Washington area are eligible to attend the school's Residential Program.

Residential students at WSD are allowed to live in the cottages during the week and go home to their families on weekends. Academic and residential programs are offered at no cost to parents in Washington State.

This is the only facility in the Northwest that offers this type of residential life.

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