Cyber Bullying

Be safe from cyber bullying!

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is bullying on line such as, nasty comments or messages. and can also be messages on phones or computers.

What do you do if your being bullied online?

  • Tell someone straight away.
  • Don't be scared to tell anyone.
  • Don't send inappropriate messages back.

Where can cyber bullying happen?

Cyber bullying can be placed in many different places such as; twitter, facebook, instagram etc.

How can you keep yourself online?

if you want to stay safe online, you must not post pictures of video of yourself or other people with out theier permission. You also should'nt write any of your personal information where other people could see for example; home adress, phone number or e-mail.

What are the different types of bullying?

Different types of bullying; text messages, comments, hacking, fraping and more.

Bye Ellie Bishop