Tired of pulling out your red pen and constantly marking up your students paper? Why not have Grammarly do the hard work and help you focus on the actual writing.

Grammarly is a better way to write! It helps you avoid grammar errors and communicate with clarity and confidence when writing online. Misused a preposition? Missed an article? No worries. Grammarly corrects your writing for 250+ error types. Wherever you write on the web, Grammarly is there watching your back. Not writing on the web? No worries, you can copy and paste what you are writing onto and it will help you there.


Install the Grammarly extension to your Google Chrome Browser and enjoy grammar free writing. For CREDIT, you will need to snap a picture of you using Grammarly or one of your students and share the picture on twitter using the #HeritageExplorers and #HEtechChallenge hashtags.


Get Grammarly

  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store

  • Search for Grammarly

  • Find Grammarly on the list (It should be the first one under extensions)

  • Click on Grammarly, a new window will open

  • Click the blue button on the upper right hand corner that says “+ add to Chrome”

  • A new pop up window will open and it will say “cancel” or “add”, click Add.

  • Now Grammarly will be automatically on your Google Chrome Bar.

Using Grammarly

  • Grammarly will run any time that you are writing on the web (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.)

    • Note it will not run in Google Docs/Presentation/Spreadsheet.

  • If you would like Grammarly to run through your writing that you have written on Google Docs or even Word, just copy your text and go to

    • You will need to Create an account first. (It is Free!!!) Set up is really easy, email and password.

  • When you are ready to paste just click a New.

  • Grammarly will run through spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • The best part of Grammarly it will tell you why it is incorrect.

Using Grammarly with Students

  • Many times when we grade our students writing we end up just reading the punctuation and grammar. We end up missing the actual content of what they are writing.

  • When turning in a final piece have them run their writing through Grammarly. They will then record their missed mistakes, and see what they missed and why.

  • Now you can focus on the writing and not the grammatical issues.