Government, Economy, Culture, and Geography


Vietnam has Natural disasters, landforms, and Natural resources. Thyphoons also come through Vietnam and floods. Some Natural resources would be phosfates, coal, magnenese, and other weird earth elements. Its landforms are many such as hilly, bumpy mountins ,and rivers.


The per capita GDP of Vietnam is $3,500. Patty rice , and coffee are most of the agriculture products. The industry is prossessing food, garmets and shoes also the industry has grown from 31% to 41%. Their best import partners are China at 22%. Their export partner is mostly the U.S at 18%. In labor force is agriculture 48%, industry 21%, and services 31%. Their currency is ,the dong.


People in Vietnam is vietnaminesse. Their ethnic group is Kinh or viet. They speak ethier Vietnaminesse or english. They belive in Budism. Vietnam is buddhist and they speak Vietniminesse.


The president is Truang Tan SANG rules Vietnam. Also Prime Minister Nguyen Tan DUNG also has minimum power over Vietnam. The Legeslative has a assembly or Quoc Hoi. The Judicial has a Supreme Peoples Court. The Constitution was adopted  on the 15th of April, 1992. Citizens have to be 18 to vote.


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