Perseverance: An Act of Strength

Tara Tesmond


Some people persevere while others are unsuccessful because of the perspective people have. If you view having to persevere as a bad thing, you may not be as prone to getting through an obstacle as someone who views persevering as a good thing. You have to be prepared to fail in order to succeed. We can learn from others who persevere because we can see where they fail and how they are able to get back up again after faltering and use that to our advantage.

Compare and Contrast Songs

In the songs, “the Eye of the Tiger” and “Remember the Name”, they both promote perseverance, but mean different things. They differ from one another because “Remember the Name”, is more focused towards athletics and chasing after your dreams. On the other hand, “the Eye of the Tiger”, is focused on fighting for something that you believe in or overcoming something. They can both mean this, but, “the Eye of the Tiger” conveys the message more so. All in all, both of the songs were about persevering and pushing yourself, they are just presented in different ways.

Losing to Win Problem/Solution

In many neighborhoods, there are kids who come from bad places and have addictions and problems they face everyday. These kids get sent to Carroll Academy, a school for “troubled” kids. Some of these kids are even homeless and don’t have someone to call mom and dad. They live in poor communities and it is a struggle for them to come home everyday. In order to cope with these troubles, they go to Carroll Academy and can be forced to join a sports team. The Lady Jags are the school's basketball team. All the girls on the team come from different places, some worse than others, but they all have their struggles. Though the team is awful and struggles to score a basket in a game, that is not the goal of this team. The goal is that they can have someplace and people to call a family. The coaches teach them life lessons and show them what hard work is. The game of basketball helps the girls to relieve their stress and anger in a healthy way. They can get out of the house and do something for the better in their lives, and that is any person’s goal in life.

An Unbreakable Bond Sequencing

The story of Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett begins with Leroy. On the way to school, he fell on the train tracks and he was dragged under a trian. The result of this was losing both of his legs. Next, Leroy meets another person going through another disability. Dartanyon Crockett is legally blind. These two boys met one another on their school’s wrestling team. Following this, Dartanyon was the only person who wanted to wrestle against Leroy, and ever since, they have had an unbreakable bond. Next, Dartanyon and Leroy graduated from high school. This was big for them because their school had a graduation rate of less than 50%. Finally, they got a new “mom” names Lisa. She took care of them and got them on the right track.

How is Perseverance Defined?

I would define perseverance as overcoming a difficulty or hardship. It is difficult for some people to persevere because some have never experienced it and don't know how to deal with difficulty. Some will try to avoid it, work around it, or find a way to defeat it. If one fails at these attempts, they can loose the confidence they once had to beat the adversity they are facing, which could result in failure. To be able to persevere is a skill that you must have to be successful. You cannot have any sort of success without failure, and that is where perseverance comes in. You need it to push yourself beyond your limits and see how amazing you can truly be.