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How to obtain the silk strands of Hollywood?

How to get Hollywood silk strands? Silo on x beauty of Hollywood, and all over the world one of the most on the popularity of services becomes keratin straightening hair. Hailing from Brazil, it is a miracle. They admired as glamorous h on limonite and ordinary. What's his secret? And so whether it correctly?

By lone on the title of this technology - Brazilian keratin treatment (with English. Brazilian Keratin Treatment - BKT) or on - on Shem - BCL. With its on power can not only straighten not to obedient hair, but also to cure hair s from common problems such as split ends, breakage and loss of hair , a tendency to electrify them and so on. In contrast to the usual for on with electric laundries and dry straightening, BCL operates at much gentler and safer.

Among the F on the current keratin treatments - Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Rachel McAdams, Salma Hayek and other Hollywood beauty. "educate" Hair 's The method - at saturation hair up on ADDITIONAL Liquid Keratin - for positive integer protein, vegetable or animal origin - with the addition of special mitigation solutions. Keratin is very important for the health of hair. But for a number of reasons (lightening, perming, ultraviolet rays, highlighting, etc.) strands lose this for the element's disease. BCL with at bodied compensate for terry and return the hair a healthy shine am.

The procedure for recalcitrant helps smooth curls, moisten them, to stat oxygen to color. For after her hairs just not the ties to be - "harmful Dandelion" on the head is transformed into silky, smooth and for obedient strands, which can be on from three to six months. Brazilian straightening can be done both on conventional, on positive integer, and on chemically-treated hair ah, passed highlighting, coloring, carving and so on.