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* Our volunteers are AMAZING! Thank you for all of your help to shelve books and assist students. We circulate hundreds of books each day. We could not manage without our wonderful parent volunteers.

* Look at our Data Wall in the hallway to learn trivia, and tidbits about our library. Find out which class has checked out the most books, what is more popular fiction or nonfiction, who checked out more girls or boys, and the top ten books checked out last month.

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New Arrivals

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Service Dogs

The Boy Problem

Dark Fire

Lost in the Woods

Garbage Galore

Inside the Ant's Nest

Ariana Grande

Pharrell Williams

Zoe's Room: No Sisters Allowed

More Spanish books

Many books about Pets

What's the Difference Series

Several Origami Books

Disgusting Series

Many Holiday Books

Meet the Author

Mary Pope Osborne - When she was young, she played in a tree with her two brothers. When she wrote about Jack and Annie, it took her a whole year to figure out how they would get back home. She was about to give up when she thought of a magic tree house.
Mary Pope Osborne

Learn more about her and what book is coming in February.

Magic Tree House

Welcome to the Magic Tree House! Jack and Annie are waiting and will guide you through.

Genre of the Month

Historical Fiction - The genre of historical fiction includes stories that are written to portray a time period or convey information about a specific time period or a historical event. Usually the time period is about 30 years in the past.

Coming Soon

Dec. 18 - Last day to check out books before the holidays. "Seasons Readings!"

Jan. 6 - Students return to school. Time to get some new books to read.

Feb. 26 - Last day to sign up for Birthday Book Club if your birthday is in January, February

or March. Sign up now, don't wait for the last minute.