Pledge of Allegiance

Why should you say the pledge at your school everyday

Say the pledge at your school

Do you want know why its a law in most states to say the pledge of allegiance at your school, and why it should be a law in all the states in America.

Everyday at your school

Even if your school doesn't require it, you should say it on your own time. Maybe even take a moment of silence if you have a minute.

Some of the Pledges

Guaranteed to make you a true citizen in no time

Frequently asked Questions (ANswers show for Leanderisd in austin TX)

  • What are the current, established limits to the rights of students in regards to my topic? Well in Texas LISD the current laws are Texas law requires students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas flag each day. A minute of silence will follow recitation of the pledges. The student may choose to reflect, pray, meditate, or engage in any other silent activity so long as the silent activity does not interfere with or distract others.
  • How does this compare to the rights guaranteed to all citizens outside the school environment? Some schools make time for students say the pledge even if it isn't a law in the city.
  • What is the intent behind these restrictions? What reasons are given for the limits to student freedoms in this way? Some intents for the law is because people feel more safe if others pledge to be an American citizen.
  • How should individual freedom be measured against the rights of the larger school community in regards to my topic?

reasons why people don't say the pledge

  • Not everyone thinks its true
  • People dont like the agreement they are making