Henry Ford

By Spencer wrght

Changed lives

Henry Ford created the model T car. The model T car changed millions of Americans lives because it aloud people to travel faster and easier. He also built the model a car.It was a big improvement.
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This is a picture of Henry Ford

Horseless carrige

Back in the day,there were only carriages that moved by a horse. Until Henry Ford came around. He built a carriage that moved by an engine.

The money giver

Henry wanted his workers to get good pay to work harder. Then more cars will get created faster. More people could get cars.

The improovement

Henry improved the car by making it a little bigger. You could put more luggage inside of the car.

Model a car

Henry wanted to make something new, so he invented the model a car. It was a big improvement.
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. Born July 30

. Marry s Clara Bryant

. Dies April 7

Why we should have a day for Henry Ford

We should have a day for Henry Ford because he invented the horseless carriage and that helped millions of Americans lives.


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