Bike mechanic

What does the work environment look like for a bike mechanic?

Well ventilated shop, noisy during times

What does the future outlook look like?

Slower than average jobs

Description of the career

You would be fixing up bikes. You have a certain amount of bikes to get done that day. You’ll have on jeans and an old work shirt. You work until you get caught up. Public sector, you’ll be expected to work anytime there bikes to be fixed.

Necessary skills

23w so even when you cant find the solution to fix a bike you keep trying to get it done.


$31,000 Yes there’s over time


It depends on the employer, comp, sick, vacation, things like this

Work environment

You will work in a shop and be typically busy. You answer to your supervisor

Opportunities for advancement

There will be none you stay where your good at

Job outlook

The less money is in flow the worst outlook will be

How to become a member of the profession

Prove yourself that you know what your doing

List some questions

1. 1. How will this profession affect my life outside work

2.Depending on what position and what stress your under.

2. 3. How fast paced will your work be?

3. 4. It all depends on location and the weather.

Article about your career-

North west mechanics start a strike. They don’t get paid enough for their work. They also don’t get the benefits they deserve either. Said the Union rights workers.

United Airlines mechanics voted to go on strike. All the votes casted were in favor of the strike. The workers was made to work in unfair conditions.

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