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Orion Long Career Report

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Job Duties

Design and create computer software for others to use. Conduct performance testing for the software you make. Design processing systems for companies so they can make things out of them.


Need a bachelors degree for entry. Experience can be used to advance. Also getting a masters degree can help. Many don't get more then they need to get. Education should be in things such as computer engineering and computer science.


You have to be able to troubleshoot problems. You need to be able to think critically. You must able to do mathematics and know how to program computers.


Median wage is about $44.14 per hour. Low is about $28.96. High can be up to $63.46.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Some advantages to this job are high wage, freedom to make decisions, and work indoors. Some disadvantages are having to do procedures over and over and have to be very accurate with details. You sit around all day which depending on who you are could be bad or good.


The demand currently is very high. In the future it is expected to increase. They will need somewhere around 3,030 new people to hire between now and 2022.


In this career you can advance by doing two things. One is getting experience on the job and doing a good job. The second is getting more education and learning better ways to develop the applications. You can get promoted to the lead designer and make more and more calls as you advance farther up.

High School Courses to Take

  • Business computer applications
  • Economics
  • World languages
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics

Similar Careers

  • Computer programming
  • Systems software developer
  • Web developers
  • Computer networks architects

Colleges with Programs

Lots of colleges offer programs for this. Many are in or around Minnesota too. To name a few are

  • ITT Technical Institute
  • MN School of Business
  • And MSU

Day in the Life: Software Developer


I think this career does fit with most of my skills and interests. Although it does fit those I don't think I would like it. I like to be even more creative and want to make things more like games and such and not just applications. In the end I researched this career because when I first saw I thought it looked somewhat interesting.