Aint No Power Like The Power of The People


The team of Alauna is all for gay rights. Equality should be enforced throughout the nation. People should accept other people's happiness and not worry about the money. Love has no true price.


Women have rights to their own bodies and lives. What if a woman was raped, and forced to have her rape child, and that poor baby has to live knowing it was only alive because it's mother was raped. I wouldn't want that.

Death Penalty

If you do heinous things, you deserve to be put away. For good. I wouldn't want someone walking around my town who has killed people heinously. Keep them out of here and away from innocent people. No one deserves that.

Gun Control

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. We want to make sure mentally unstable people don't get a hold of guns. I want to know that the people handling guns are stable enough to control a gun. I don't want just some random crazy Steve to have access to a gun.

Raise Minimum Wage

If the prices of merchandise keeps going up, shouldn't we be able to get more of an income so we can keep up? How are we supposed to afford the price of things if we don't have a raised income.

Some of Our Alauna Staff

Guarenteed to Make a Wonderful President