Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- December 2, 2016

Week at a Glance

Reading- We started reading new books in our reading groups. We've also been looking for text evidence to support inferences we make when we read.

Math- We've been continuing our e4tech lessons, which have had a heavy focus on geometry and problem solving. Ask your child to tell you some of the new vocabulary he/she has learned. It's been amazing. Students are also doing

Science- We did a matter webquest this week while Miss Pratt and Mrs. Callahan were out. Students were very engaged and loved going through the different tasks and challenges.

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Family Traditions Presentations

Family Traditions presentations will be on December 8th and 9th in the morning and afternoon.

If you plan to attend, please click the sign up genius link below to sign up for a time slot that you would like your child to present. If you do not plan to attend, we will assign your child either a morning or afternoon slot, as their time can be more flexible.

If you plan on allowing your child to bring a sample of their food (this is not required), please make these bite size samples! We will have all foods set up buffet style to save time.

If you have not yet submitted your child's recipe, please send that via email ASAP. Thanks!!

The Columbus Dispatch

Eric Lagatta joined our classroom on Monday to see us in action and take some photographs. The story about our classroom is set to run on Dec. 8th in the Life Section of the Columbus Dispatch. Check it out! :) We are so proud of our kiddos for doing such an awesome job of learning, which would make someone want to write an article about us!!

Computer Science Education Week

Next week, on Wednesday, we will be celebrating Computer Science Education week. We will spend the day implementing 5 lessons, which incorporate computer science into mathematics. We are hoping that through these lessons, students will start to realize that they are "cut out" for computer science (lessons will be cookie themed).

The lessons are created by the same education consultants who created our e4tech lessons, so we KNOW they will be nothing short of AMAZING. :)

MAP Testing

We will be taking the Reading MAP test on December 6th, first thing in the morning. Each student has a goal, and we have been sitting down with each student to do some goal setting. We know that if students work hard and try their best, they will meet their goals!! We are excited to see what they've learned so far!

How can I support my child with MAP testing?:

1. Read at home every night

2. Get a good breakfast

3. Get plenty of rest the night before

4. Start off the morning with a positive attitude :)