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My Thoughts on Rookie avoids the risk of head injurys.

My thoughts are when Chris Boland got a head injury how many head injury's did he have? So Chris Boland is leaving football because he had a head injury and he doesn't want that to happen again so he is retiring at the age 24. So he hears that more people are hitting each others heads a lot so that is why he's like I am not going back out there so that is why he is retiring at such a young age. Those are my thoughts on Rookie avoids risk of head injury's.

My thoughts on Outdoor enthusiasts infuriated by national park graffiti

My thoughts on outdoor enthusiasts by national park graffiti is that Saraiva becomes famous for painting a cartoon figure called Mr.A. all over Paris. My thoughts are that why did they graffiti in the first place. In February someone painted a large, bright blue giraffe on a boulder in another area. "That makes me sick," muttered backpacker. Far includes selfies of a young woman painting colorful faces on rocks and boulders. My thoughts are that why do people graffiti and why is it so popular? Those are my on outdoor enthusiasts infuriated by national park graffiti.

These are my thoughts on both of the articles together

My thoughts on both of the stories are that I think both of the articles where very interesting and that is why I picked them and they are very expiring and I think that everybody should read this two articles the both are really well devolved. I also want to than Mrs.Golder for letting us do this really fun project thanks Momma G.


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