Andrew Jackson abhorred and did not trust the national bank so he decided to shut it down. He believed that the bank only supported wealthy people and wealthy businesses, not the poor, and that the system was unfair. The bank was established during Washington's presidency and our economy stabilized when it happened. Many people supported Jackson's decision at the time, but it eventually failed and the bank was re-established in the mid-1860's.


The Indian Removal Act was a bill that was passed that promised the Cherokee Indians land west of the Mississippi River if they promised not to attack the Americans. Jackson stated that doctors, food, and other supplies would be provided for the long journey to Oklahoma, but that proved not to be true as the survival rate was 50% - also why the trail was later renamed the 'Trail of Tears.' The Cherokee were forced to rebuild their entire society in an unfamiliar area, and if they tried to stand up for themselves and/or their land, they were killed. You would think that non-natives in the area would have a problem with this aggressive behavior from Jackson, but they were actually in total support of it. The land that the Cherokees were using (well before the first Americans even got there, might I add) was rich with gold and was a great area for growing cotton, which meant $$$ for Jackson and the white population. Also, to make things even worse, the Supreme Court ruled that Jackson COULD NOT remove them from their area because they were their own civilized nation and deserved to be treated fairly - meaning that Jackson could not relocate them without their blessing. Did he care? Nope! Jackson's mentality was that he had the army and he could do whatever he wanted, so he did.


The taxes placed on items from northern states were making the southern states angry. The North's economy was based off of manufacturing, while the southern economy was based off of agriculture. The people of the southern region needed supplies - for example, someone in the south needs a hammer. Said person cannot grow a hammer, but factories up north can manufacture one. When said person tries to buy said hammer, they have to pay an insane tax on the product. Everyone in the south was upset about this, but South Carolina was especially fed up with it - so they stopped paying the tax. Congress then passed the Force Act, which allowed Jackson to use violent force to ensure that they payed the tax. South Carolina threatened to secede soon after, and Jackson finally gave in and lowered the tax.
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Above is a political cartoon of Andrew Jackson. The artist portrays him as a king because Jackson followed his own rules and did not adhere to the Constitution. He is seen in this picture clothed in a fur coat, fine jewelry, nice shoes, and a crown. Also, Jackson is holding up a sword, showing that he was a violent president who did whatever he could to get his way. Underneath his feet is the Constitution ripped up, and in his hand is a veto to a bill proposed by Congress.


Dear Editor,

My name is Andrew Locke. I am a white male from Pennsylvania, I have a wife and one child, and I work in a shoe factory. I am writing you this letter in hopes that you will print my opinion on the rumored plan to close the national bank in your next printing about President Andrew Jackson.

I believe that closing the national bank is what is truly right for our nation. It is not written in our United States Constitution that we are to have a national bank, therefor the action itself was unconstitutional. I am a Democratic-Republican who believes strongly in enforcing the Constitution and doing whatever I can to ensure that our rights as human beings are protected.

The national bank does not support the common folk such as myself and the classes below me. My business has requested multiple times for loans to improve the working conditions such as fixing the concrete on the floor and replacing our rusted machines, but there has been no luck. The bank only favors the rich people and businesses, and getting rid of it will help everyone to live happier.


Dear Editor,

I am Alexander Bush and I am a Cherokee Indian. I am writing to you so that you can show the people who the Cherokee really are.

My people have our own language, just like the Americans. My people have jobs, just like the Americans. We hunt, we fish, we gather, and we teach. My people have our own form of government, and our children are learning new things every day. We even print our own newspaper. We are a civilized nation just like the Americans, so why are we being forced to relocate, unlike the Americans?

It is an abomination that so many of my people are dying on this 'Trail of Tears' that we were promised would be a safe trip. There are no doctors, the food is scarce, and The winters that we endure are worse than we could have ever imagined.

We were told that we would not have to move from our homeland by the Supreme Court, but Jackson did not listen because he is greedy and selfish. Is money all that anyone cares about? If you are reading this, please do whatever you can to make this right. Be aware. Make others aware.