How i connect with my dad

by:emilee walker

Why this started

i enjoy drawing very much because my dad used to draw all the time and since hes gone i decided to take part in drawing because it makes me feel like i'm still connected to my dad

ART quote

art is not what you see, but what you make others see ~degas
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why/ how we connect through art

we connect through art because we both think art is a way to express ones feelings without having to say a word. My dad is the reason why i started drawing, i started when i was 6 and i have continued to draw since then. We love drawing together and we have contest to see who can draw the fastest and who can name the artist. Every time that i had a art project fro school he would be the first one that would volunteer to help me, most of the time i wanted him to do the work for me , but most of the time he would show me how to draw it and how to make it look realistic and then make me do it while he helps me. Drawing is the only way i can connect with my dad at the moment because of issues that cant be discussed. I send drawings to him to show him how i have improved while hes away, he usually sends some drawings back and tells me what he thinks of the drawing i sent him. Art is our communication device!
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The Chuck E Cheeses was desighned by my dads dad who was also an artist

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My dad..

My dad is a very talented artist and i hope to one day be as good as he is