Not Less Than Gods

By: Kage Baker

Book Information:

This book is a science fiction book filled with danger, spies, and death, A Secret Society lives under London's society.

Future Plan:

My future plan is to become an Instructional Assistant AD. The annual salary is $46, 562 to $67, 517 a year. This job is a very common and is expanding in the future. The jobs I interact with are day care and child care centers. The great benefits are medical insurance, vacation, and retirement benefits. I plan to have more duties and students and do some online tutoring. I will live in a small house. The year this will occur is 2050.



  • Peter(dynamic)
  • Danny: shooter(dynamic)
  • Monique(dynamic)
  • Derick: stranger(dynamic)


  • students(static)
  • John: online student(static)
  • John's parents(static)


  • London
  • near Moniques small house
  • dark


Monique is a Instructional Assistant AD by morning, Monique teaches students the everyday skills they need for life. What the world doesn't know is that she is an Assassin/Spy by night.

Rising Action:

One night when Monique is coming home after finishing up late. Monique hears gun shots. There is a man badly wounded who is running towards her. The man is begging Monique to save him. Monique is thinking of the dangers she will face if she saves this man. Deciding otherwise she hurriedly takes the man to her house where she cares for him before the man with the gun comes. The man who was shot is so badly wounded he tells Monique his name, Derick and starts talking about getting back to a Secret Society living under the surface of London filled with wondrous and terrible inventions and devices to tip the balance of power. In the morning the Derick is nowhere to be found. The next night a guy follows Monique and tries to kidnap her to get information on the Secret Society. Then Peter a member of the Secret Society saves Monique.


Monique is taken to the Secret Society headquarters. There she finds out the shooters name was Danny and is faced with a decision join the Secret Society or find another group because someone is bound to find out the truth about her. Monique's choices are join the Secret Society or Peacemaker Society. Monique has been a assassin for so long don't you think its right for her to join the Secret Society?

Falling Action:

Monique overhears about one of the Secret Society mission to kill someone important to her. Monique online tutors the very same student, named John who's parents are supposed to get killed. John's parents are later killed by taking a walk through the park and being shot to death.


Heartbroken for John's parents. Monique is faced with a decision live the life she is currently living or make peace with herself and choose a different path. What choice will Monique make? Find out the ending by reading this book!


  • Danger
  • Death
  • Spies
  • Mystery

Book Synopsis:

Life of Adventure! This book is a mystery is about the things that are done under the surface of London. There is a woman named Monique who is an Instructional Assistant by morning and an assassin/spy by night. One pitch black night Monique hears gun shots by her house. There is a stranger running down the road toward her who has been shot. Monique sees that the stranger is badly wounded and takes care of him. Monique later finds out the strangers name is Derick after she gets rescued by a member of the Secret Society named Peter. Derick tells her the shooter was Danny.

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