Barclay Bulletin

April 10, 2022

Trying to Stay Healthy

Masks have come off, and there are a few illnesses that have decided to visit staff and students around the school. These past two weeks have seen an increase in people feeling under the weather. Please remember that students who have symptoms that are listed below should take a COVID test to rule out the possibility of passing it along in school:

Temperature greater than 100 degrees
New cough/shortness of breath

Sore throat (not due to allergies)
Muscle or body aches

Loss of smell or taste
Nasal congestion
Nausea or vomiting

We still have plenty of COVID tests at school. If you need more tests you can either stop by the building and pick them up from the main office , or I will have some available this week during the first few days of end of the day student pick up. If you have questions relative to our current protocols you may either call the nurse's office at 637-1842 or email

Technology Update

We received news that the laptops no longer have to be sent home every evening in the event of a school interruption. Classroom teachers may choose to continue sending the laptops home so that students can work on daily assignments, or computer-based software, but our staffing appears to have improved with fewer instances of COVID being reported.