Analyzing Duke Orsino

Alex Saucedo

Duke Orsino's Identity

Duke Orsino is very emotional and sensitive. In the first act he is talking about love and how he loves Olivia and would do anything for her. While hes talking to Viola he was saying how he loves her but Viola loves Orsino. In later acts he sends Cesario to Olivia so he can convince her. He loses it when he finds out that Olivia is in love with Cesario and says that its betrayal.

Duke Orsino's Gender

He is a very masculine guy. He is very wealthy, considered a handsome man. He can support a family, has lots of feelings. he likes to fall in love because he gets such a feeling. He believes love is a necessity but he changes his mind to quickly. He is very wealthy and could make any women happy.

Duke Orsino's Perception

He is viewed as a very nice, handsome man that is very smart. Viola sees him as handsome and very sensitive. Olivia sees him as a good man and kind of stubborn. Sir toby believes he is stubborn and hard headed. Although he is pretty silly for sending Viola/Cesario back for Olivia even though she said no he is still insisting.

Duke Orsino's S/D

Our differences are he is very rich and handsome and i am very athletic. He is chasing somebody that he is in love with even though they haven't even met each other. some times he can be really hard headed and a bit stubborn. I am very calm and very fun to be around and he isn't all that fun.

Orsino's Identidy

Duke is seen as really athletic and heartless. He doesn't seem to really care about anything except sports/soccer. In the movie he talks about him just caring about soccer and Olivia. He can be really sensitive and he cares about people. He can be really mad but gentle at the same time.

Orsino's Gender

He is athletic and he can get just about any girl without trying. He tries to act as tough as possible but Viola ends up breaking him. He is very popular and seems to be very nice. He has a huge crush on Olivia and he is shy to talk to her.

Orsino's Perception

Viola sees him as very sensitive and she thinks he is perfect. Olivia just plays him just to get to Cesario. Toby thinks he is a stupid jock. I though he was a really cool guy because he liked playing sports. He is seen as cute and attractive