Dear Sir/Madam

We want to inform you that your sponsored student for the GIMPA SUMMER STUDY TOUR 2013 have been selected among the few to take part in the trip. Hence we will be processing the visa for he/she in the next few days.


The school is guranteed for the visa for each of the selected student, but the student also have to present
!. A travelling passport with her name and picture in it.
2. Two passport pictures.
3. A Bank Account statement in her name which should hold funds not less than 2,500 cedis which is equivalent to 1.300 Dollars. This is to prove that the student can be able to feed himself whiles on the trip and is finacially stable to travel.
This money will not be redrawn from the account under any circumstances, the student can redraw the funds after visa have been given out.


The Academic board is sponsoring each selected students Accomodation and transport through out the stay in the Uk.
Each student is only require to hold a reasonable amount which will be used on feeding.
Each student is required to bring along reasonable amount of clothes for the number of weeks that the tour will be run.