By: Caden Haustein

How Wind Forms

The sun heats up the earth's surface warming the nearby atmosphere. Warm air weighs less than cool air so it rises. Rising warm air leaves an area of low pressure and cooler air moves in to fill it. Meanwhile, the warm air, away from the warm surface of the earth, cools off and begins to sink back down. What you end up with is a whole lot of moving air!

How Tornadoes Form

They begin forming as winds moving in opposite directions.When this happens the diffrence in wind speed and direction can create a horizantal spinning effect in the lower atmosphere.As a thunderstorm forms warm humid air begins rising upward.The rising air is called an updraft.It can tilt the horizantal tube of spinning air to make it vertical.Asit spins it picks up more speed and intensity,fueling the storm.Asthe warm air rises,the cooler ,more denser air at the back of the storm starts descending.This strong downdraft pulls part of the area of rotation torward the ground.When it touces the ground you've got a tornado!