Spanish Honor Society Agenda

September 23, 2014

Assigned Topics and Order


1. 3 points given to those who brought in backpack supplies

- 1 point for airmen supplies as well as one hour of comm. service

- We will also be writing a big card with everyone to thank Rodrigo for his service to our country. (at the end of the meeting)


2. Bully Awareness Day

-Wednesday September 24th

-Must wear pink

- 8 volunteers needed to sign up and pass out flowers at front and bus gates

- Volunteers must be here before courtyard bell rings. (signup at end of meeting)


3. Lip Dub

- Signup for October 8th during students second hour

- For those who aren't already committed to another club

- Passes can be written if needed. (signup at end of meeting)


4. Homecoming

- Banner decorating on October 7th, 13th, and 15th.

- Take vote on play. (Mama Mia, Cabaret, Lion King, Westside Story)

- 1 point for helping per day

- In need of two flat white sheets (signup at end of meeting)


5. Hell Week

- Give/handout dates

- We will be taking a picture every morning and that is how points will be earned.

- One point per day

- If unable to show up for picture, you can send us one of you in your costume.


6. DUES!! Very much needed if not already given.


Honor Society Morale

Dagnes dismisses and signups for everything begin.