University School Staff Update

September 12-17, 2022

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As we prepare for the upcoming week, we ask that you please review the following information:

Announcements, Events & Updates

Full Faculty Meeting

We will have a full faculty meeting on Tuesday, September 13th at 3:30. Tentative location for this meeting is in the school library. If location change occurs, a notification will be sent out. ETSU Legal will be joining us for this meeting to discuss Title IX requirements.

Celebrate International Dot Day with STEM — Carly and Adam

From Ms. Colson: Just a reminder that Dot Day is next Thursday. It will be fun to wear polka dots, and she is working on a collaborative art project that will be displayed on the first floor side entrance bulletin board.

International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th. It is a day meant to encourage students to be creative, curious, and brave. The inspiration for the day comes from the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. The story of The Dot centers around the main character, Vashti, who doesn't believe she is a good artist.

Mastery Connect (Date Change)

The testing team at Mastery Connect attempted to work around our calendar needs but informed us they will be unable to have benchmarks loaded and available prior to next week.

This news has required a shift in our schedule and benchmarks will now take place the last week of school (9/20-9/23). We will do our best to share the detailed schedule and testing locations for students receiving testing accommodations by the end of the day.

  • HS and Grade 5-8 testing Tuesday & Wednesday (Testing lab closed for non-benchmark assessments)
  • Grades 3-4 testing Tuesday- Friday

The testing lab will be open for all class periods this week (9/12-9/16). Send Dr. Campbell an email or text if you need to change previously submitted assessments due the change with benchmarks.

We know this isn't ideal and hope it does not cause too much disruption to your daily schedules. Moving forward, the remaining benchmark windows are set open while we are in session and a similar situation is not likely. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

ACT Senior Retake (Date Change)

All seniors will participate in the senior retake on Tuesday, October 18th. Due to the timing of the test and Fall Break, a mandatory test security & procedures training will be held on Thursday, September 15th from 3:00-4:00 in Room 214. Dr. Campbell will reach out to faculty involved in testing.

Senior Teachers – please remind students to access their MyACT accounts and enter their student code prior to testing. An email was sent to all seniors with their student code and an announcement was added to the Canvas Counseling Page for Seniors.

Tenure Committee (Date Change)

The tenure committee will meet on Monday, September 19th, at 3:20, in room 214.

All tenured faculty members should plan to attend.

ETSU Farmers Market

Local vendors sell produce, crafts, and other items at the ETSU Farmers Market every Thursday in September and October, located on the Pride Walk from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Faculty & Staff Flu Vaccine Option

If you would like Nurse Bev to administer your annual influenza vaccination, you may sign up on the link below. The flu vaccine clinic is Friday, September 23rd from 9 am - 1 pm. You will bring a copy of your insurance card and will complete the required paperwork at the time of your appointment. She will be doing this while running the clinic so your patience will be appreciated.

Please reach out to Nurse Bev if you have questions.

Access Mastery Connect through Canvas

  • Class Trackers have been created for all teachers.
  • All students will need to attempt to access Mastery Connect using their univschool email BEFORE the day of benchmarks.
  • A Mastery Connect Icon has been added to Canvas Accounts.
  • Students who are unable to log in to Mastery Connect and view their current class trackers should see Nicole Havert.

Email Dr. Campbell if you have questions.

Midterm Exam Feedback - HS Only

All high school teachers are asked to complete the following Google form by Wednesday, September 14th indicating their midterm exam preference.


A few years ago, Richard Wilson, a generous alumni, made a donation specifically with the goal to help retain great teachers at University School. This is an endowment set up) specifically to provide teachers at University School (tenured and tenure-track) opportunities for professional development, research or other professional endeavors that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do. The Endowment Committee was formed as a result. The task of the committee is to review applications and determine yearly disbursement of funding from the Richard Wilson’s endowment. When the committee was created, we also created a system so that there is representation from the different levels of our school (elementary, middle, high school, related arts), and members are brought on in a staggered manner, so that the entire committee doesn’t change in the same year.

With the pandemic, the activities of the Endowment Committee were put on hold. As we are starting back, we need to replace four members.

Current members and term:

Dycus (2020-21:2022-23) - HS

Ledbetter (2020-21:2022-23) -MS

? (2021-22:2023-24)

? (2021-22:2023-24)

? (2022-23:2024-25)

? (2022-23:2024-25)

We need at least one member who is K-4.

We need at least one member who represents our K-12 related arts.

Please send nominations to Ariane Day by Friday, 9/9/22. Teachers may self-nominate. If we have more nominations than positions, we will have a vote.

Members must be tenured or tenure-track faculty.

Applications for the endowment are attached. They are due October 21, 2022 this year. Please send completed applications to Ariane Day (email or mailbox).

Mathematics Revised Standards Crosswalk Document

As districts are beginning to internalize the edits made to the revised mathematics standards in preparation for the implementation of new math materials, we are excited to release this standards crosswalk document. It highlights not only the revisions to existing standards, but also indicates which standards are new. It contains standards for grades K-8 as well as the EOC-tested high school courses. As a reminder, these standards will be implemented in Tennessee classrooms during the 2023-24 academic year.

Student Spotlight Nominations

Please remember Student Spotlight nominations for this week! The idea is to recognize students for positive behavior, citizenship, leadership, and in general making U-School (and/or their communities) a better place! Academic performance can be a part of the criteria, but not the sole reason a student is chosen. The students who are selected will have an announcement on the website, in Dr. Partin's newsletter, on the morning announcements, and will be provided free Papa John’s pizza at the end of the quarter. Please help in recognizing and celebrating all the good our students are doing!

Nominations for this week's Student Spotlight nominations are due Thursday, 9/1/22. If your nomination isn’t selected, we keep the names in the system and in the running for future weeks selection. **It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the nomination process (see Google link below, highlighted in blue).**

You don't have to currently have a student in class to nominate them (although it certainly CAN come from your current students).

To see an example to help you through the nomination process, click:

You can nominate a student by completing the Google Form (found HERE or below, highlighted in blue) with the rationale for the nomination (short paragraph or so will suffice), along with a quote from you we can include in the announcement should your nominee be selected. A nominee will be chosen in elementary school, middle school, & high school.

Remember to get your nominees in!

**Link to nominate a student:

Professional Development Opportunities

Community Involvement & Opportunities

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Recognizing Inspirational School Employees (RISE) Award: 2022-23 Nominations

Nominations for the 2022-23 Tennessee Recognizing Inspirational School Employees (RISE) Award are now open! The award, passed by Congress in 2019 and overseen by the U.S. Department of Education, honors classified school employees who provide exemplary service.

For the purposes of the award, a classified school employee is defined as an employee of a state or any political subdivision of a state, or an employee of a nonprofit entity, who works in any grade from pre-kindergarten through high school in any of the following occupational specialties: paraprofessional, clerical and administrative services, transportation services, food and nutrition services, custodial and maintenance services, security services, health and student services, technical services, and skilled trades.

Anyone—directors, principals, teachers, parents, students, or members of the general public—may submit nominations by September 18, 2022.

The top two finalists in Tennessee will be nominated to the U.S. Department of Education in November and recognized at the annual Principal and Supervisor of the Year celebration in the fall. The U.S. Secretary of Education will then select a single classified school employee from among the state-level nominees to receive the national RISE Award by spring 2022.

For more information on the Tennessee RISE Award, please visit the RISE Award website.

University School Weekly Parent Update Link

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