Las Vegas Daily Optic

4th period Cross

Billy the Kid captured!

The Kid was recently captured and sheriff Pat Garret claimed the $500 reward. Before this the Kid and his gang sent a letter to governor Wallace stating that his posse didn't kill Jim Carlyle. In retaliation there was $500 reward for capturing this scandal. Sheriff Pat Garret sends the kid class information about a robbery and they attempt to catch them in the act but the kid and most of his men escaped before they could get caught.

Populism Rising!

The Populist party led by farmers because they are mad at the 2 party political system and want their own better say in what they want. Populism is the movement of people. They want to increase the money supply and have 8 hour workdays. They propose political reforms like a direct election of senators, and single terms for president.

Native Americans

The Las Vegas Tribe of Paiute Indians of the Las Vegas Indian Colony. The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe has a reservation, the Las Vegas Indian Colony in Clark County by the northwest corner of Las Vegas. The reservation was first founded in 1911 and today is 3,850 acres large.

First Lady of Vegas has Child!

Hellen Jay Stewart had her first child and named it after Las Vegas. She said it was a very hard to decide on a name, her name is Evaline la Vega Stewart. Hellen mentioned some of her plans to give away her land to help add schools and inspire art.

Letters To The Editor

Las Vegas is a town that is sprouting and will soon be bigger and better than ever! As the Mayor I am both enthusiastic and worried, the economy could boom but over population could be a problem....


The Mayor

As a mom I am worried for my children...these "gentlemen" clubs popping up everywhere show a sure sign of failure for this beautiful state. I also fear my husband has gotten deep into gambling and owes much more than we have. This may yet be the end of me...


Worried Mother (Rachele Adams)

Hudson Aaron, Christian