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Give Your Pool Deck A Makeover!

Due to continuous use, owners must be wary to the risks of weathering, deterioration, water damage or exposure can occur to your pool. Even though maintenance primarily preserves the condition of the pool, there are cases where there is really much damage in the pool. In such instances, resurfacing is necessary for the aesthetic and utilitarian conditions of one’s pool.

What is Pool Resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing is a way to spark appeal in your old pool deck without bothering about of tearing out the old concrete and pouring new ones. Among its many benefits are additions of color and innovation of the look of natural stone.

Here are the ways to spice up the aesthetics of your pool deck:

Cover it with a concrete overlay to get rid of the boring old grey appearance.

Apply or spray some resurfacing products on sound concrete surfaces for additional color, texture and slip resistance.

Stamp or stencil design systems. Stamped or stenciled design patterns help you achieve the same patterns possible for the surface of your pool deck.

Owners must note that nowadays there is a vast array of products in the market for pool deck resurfacing. Most overlay products combine polymer resins with cement, sand and other additive materials to enhance performance, slip resistance, aesthetic qualities and bonding to existing concrete. There are also systems to use that can resist damage from salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions and abrasion. For those who want instant makeovers, one can look up products that are formulated to dry at a fast-moving rate;thus, a time-worn, dull pool can turn into one’s decorative prideeven within just a day.

A pool deck makeoverusually starts by pool deck repair. You should check your pool for anything that needs repair so that you can know the products to help you repair certain damages. The following are a few of the products that can be used for pool deck repairs: polishes and paints to keep the surface healthy and clean, crack sealing and cleaners, epoxy kits, concrete fill, concrete crack patch, different types of coating and a variety of different resurfacing options.

When you feel that your pool deck already needs a new look, just contact Pool Repair Experts for new swimming pool deck resurfacing ideas to refresh your pool’s condition. Our company can refurbish your pool for longer lasting use.

With Pool Repair Experts, customers can be assured of excellent service based on the latest technology, high quality materials and extensive field experience.