Weekly Update 3/21/16


Interfaith celebrations!


  • 21
    • Norooz (New Year) - Persian/Zoroastrian
    • Naw-Rúz (New Year) * - Baha'i
  • 23
    • Lord's Evening Meal - Jehovah's Witness Christian
    • Holi ** - Hindu
    • Magha Puja Day - Buddhist **
  • 24
    • Purim * - Jewish
    • Maundy Thursday - Christian
    • Hola Mohalla - Sikh
  • 25
    • Good Friday - Christian
    • Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Catholic Christian
  • 27
    • Easter - Christian

Working Memory and ELLs

Working memory is crucial to learning. Read the following article to learn more here:

  • Signs of Working Memory Processing Struggles
  • Circumstances Affecting Working Memory — Impacts on Lesson Design
  • Instruction and Learning for Better Working Memory

"Learning a second language is mentally exhausting for students. English language instructors must focus on minimizing the student anxiety and fear that significantly impacts student working memory for English language acquisition. To lower the effective filter of students to encourage efficient working memory functioning, teachers must strategically design instruction, learning tasks, classroom interactions and homework assignments that ultilize methods for minimizing the anxiety and fear that is ever present. This is essential for the learning of ELLs so that they can move toward being fluency-proficient speakers, readers and writers of the English language".

Audacity - the recording program

Check out this great tutorial on how it can help learners improve their speaking skills.

Sight words with audio

Digital Storytelling

Readers Theater

Audacity plus photo story

and more:

Where did the Easter bunny come from?

Best sites for learning about Easter and Passover

Make vocabulary fun

Cool website with vocab picture lists - comes with listening challenges and speaking challenges.

ALSO free android app.

$1 of OS


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