Clash of Armies

Conquer Your Friends and Family


After a World War that changed humanity for forever, the Axis and Allies have regrouped and are coming together for a fearsome war will change the fate of many innocents as well as others. Everyday, the two sides have been building up their armies to compete for world domination. Who will win? You decide, in the brand new World War II like game - CLASH OF ARMIES!!!
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Official Game Rules

Start -

  1. Each Player starts with $150 dollars, which they can either spend immediately or save up for later in the game

  2. Each player receives two bunkers (worth 100) and one castle (worth 200), that they can place anywhere on their side of the map

  3. The money is used to buy pieces, which are then used to destroy enemy troops and bases (remember to record your money balance on your money template)

Pieces -

  1. Each piece has a value, which determines:

    1. The amount the piece cost

    2. The amount of damage the piece does, however a piece does double damage if another piece on your team is within one square of it (either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally)

    3. The amount of health the piece has

  2. You can place a piece anywhere on your half of the board after you have bought it, however land troops must stay on land, and boats must stay in the water

  3. Troop values →Commander-In-Chief - 50; General - 40; Aircraft carrier - 35; Bomber - 30; Jet - 25; Tank - 25; Submarine - 20; Jeep - 15; Patrol Boat - 10; Infantry - 5

  4. Boats must stay in the river (but can attack bunkers and castles from water spaces), land troops and vehicles must stay on land and bridge spaces, and planes can travel on land and water

Play -

  1. Roll the dice to decide who goes first (higher number)

  2. On each turn one or two of three things may happen:

    1. Roll the dice to move a piece that you have bought (only one piece at a time)

    2. Engage in battle with another piece that is in an adjoining space (one piece will destroy the other, however the value of the decimated piece is subtracted from the victorious piece’s health)

    3. Engage in battle with a bunker or castle that is one space away (unless it is a water troop) (value of troop is how much health is taken off of the building)

  3. At the end of each person’s separate turn, they earn five dollars (record on money template) that can be used on their next turn

Winning -

  1. In order to win the game, you must destroy your opponent’s castle

  2. However, you may not attack the castle directly, you must destroy one of the two bunkers beforehand

  3. Destruction of the castle results in immediate victory, no matter how much money or how many troops the opponent has at the time


  • Take the pieces out of the box and set them off to the side

  • Grab a money management sheet (one for each person)

  • Play the game on the game board (located on top of the box)

  • Start with $ 150

  • Buy your choice of troops

  • You can choose to either attack the enemy troops or their fortification

  • If you come face-to-face with a piece of your opponent, the piece with the higher value destroys the other piece.

  • Destroy your opponent’s Bunkers and Headquarters to win the game

  • Planes can go over both land and water, Infantry and vehicles have to stay on land, and subs and boats have to stay in the water

Who is in Your Army?

We have been talking about what and how to fight, but how are you supposed to fight with nobody to fight with? Here is YOUR army.

Tiers -

  • Infantry --- 5

  • Patrol Boat --- 10

  • Jeep --- 15

  • U-Boat --- 20

  • Tank --- 25

  • Jet --- 25

  • Bomber --- 30

  • Carrier --- 35

  • General --- 40

  • Commander in Chief--- 50

Strategies and Skills

There are many different ways you can approach this game, but here are a few helpful hints and strategies that will improve your game.

  • Spread out what types of troops you use, as your army will suffer if you just buy a few generals or a load of infantrymen
  • Do not place your bunkers and castle right on the edge of your half, as that would allow easy access for the enemy to come in and wreak havoc
  • Also, remember the double damage rule, so it may prove fruitful to invest in more, lower ranking troops such as infantry, patrol boats, and jeeps, instead of only having one or two powerful pieces
  • Remember, some troops are limited to certain areas on the board, but not all are limited. Two pieces, the bomber and the jet, can travel to any space on the board, allowing you greater mobility than ever before.

Although this game may seem simple, there are some neccessary skills that you might need in order to conquer the game.

  • Mathematics - You can't play this game without some basic math skills, as you need to know how much money you possess and how much health your troops and buildings have
  • Awareness - In order to succeed at Clash of Armies, you must have the awareness to find and respond to all of your enemies troops, as you do not want to be caught in the middle of a surprise attack
  • Battle Tactics - It's the name of the game, so you must have a sense of how to both attack and defend, because if you just attack, you will be vulnerable on defense, and you cannot win without attacking a little
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