Victorian Fashion and Entertainment

The Victorian Era took place during the years 1837-1901


In the Victorian area clothing showed who you were and how much money you had. Fashion was important during these years to display your place in society. Aesthetic dress is one of the dresses that changed a lot as in positive and negative thoughts in the industry.

Fun Fact: In this time period all clothing was hand stitched.


Professional entertainment such as plays and sporting events became much more common than before among the English people. Being entertained in a social setting became more popular. More people could afford to be professional entertained rather than just the very wealthy. Bigger crowds of people found themselves enjoying a performance by a cast of actors or musicians in a theater or on the side of the track watching a horse race.

Fun Fact: Henry Irving, was a famous actor and stage manager during this era who was the first to be knighted! A prestigious honor out of England.

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