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Newsletter #13 - November 14, 2022

Dear Medina Families and Community,

We hope you had a restful weekend of reflection and reconnection with family and friends. We had our first ever whole school assembly on Friday (since the pandemic) to honor our Veterans in our school community. Student presenters shared information about the history and symbolism of this day of observance while we listened to patriotic songs sung by our student choir. We thank our staff, students and families for their contributions in making this assembly happen, and especially our Veterans for their service to our country.

Along with the assembly, we thank our parents and guardians who volunteered their time to help our kindergartners during the Toymaker's workshop. Our students designed and hammered away while learning about push and pull forces! This week, as with all the other weeks, we are reminded of all the learning that is enriched through our strong community of staff, students, and families. We are filled with gratitude!

Kati & Betty

Important Events

November 15: Lockdown Safety Drill Practice

November 24 - 25: Thanksgiving - No School

November 28: Pastries with Principals, 8:10-9:10 in Room 155

December 8: School Photo Retake Day

December 19 - January 2: Winter break - No School

Monthly Safety Drill

Practicing Lockdown

On Tuesday, 11/15, we will be conducting a lockdown drill and practicing quickly securing the building. A lockdown is different from a lockout. A lockdown is used when there is a threat to the campus or school, or while the nature of the threat is evaluated. During a lockdown, staff lock classroom doors, shut off the lights, close the blinds, while continually assessing the situation. Teachers will talk to students about transitioning to run, hide, or fight based on the situation presented.

Please talk with your student about preparing for emergencies and disasters. Encourage them to talk about their concerns and express their feelings. Emphasize that even though sometimes things happen that we may not expect, there are lots of things we can do to help us stay safe. For additional information and resources, please be sure to visit the BSD Safety & Security Page.

Nurse News

Too Sick for School?

As you may be aware, there has been a rise in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) cases in King County Please continue to remind your child(ren) to practice healthy habits such as handwashing, covering coughs with an elbow, and using tissue to wipe running noses. While it is hard to keep them home from school, it's important that they stay home when they are sick.

RSV is a common respiratory virus and is spread through droplets from an infected person. RSV can also live on surfaces and spread when you touch a surface with the virus on it and then touch your face before washing your hands.

Symptoms of RSV in adults and children include:

• Runny nose

• Fever

• Decreased appetite • Coughing

• Sneezing

• Wheezing

For more information about RSV, as well as other health related news, please check out the district Nurse newsletter (11-09-22 Elementary.pdf) below.

From Bellevue High School Freshman Class Office

Big picture

Hello amazing Parents of the Bellevue School District!

Would you like some time off from all of the hard parenting work you do for a couple of hours? Well, you are in luck! The Bellevue high school freshmen class of 2026 is hosting their very own “Parent’s Night Out”! You can trust us to keep your children in our care for a couple of hours while you go shopping or have some alone time with your partner! There will be around 35 High School students, 5 adult chaperones, and 7 leadership students making sure that your kids are safe and inside, having the best night ever!

There will be fun games and activities with food (snacks/pizza) provided. The event will be held at the Bellevue High school commons/cafeteria from 5:30-9:30. Tickets are only 30.00$ per child! Make sure to get one before they are gone, there are only few spots available. Fill out the forms and bring 30$ in CASH on parents’ night out!


Email: gagerti@bsd405.org

Please fill out the attached waiver (print and bring on the night of) AND Microsoft form:



Bellevue High School

Freshmen Class Office