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New Items in the Professional Library

DVD's - These were gift items or replacements for damaged videos. Disney/Spielberg provided one copy of Lincoln to every public middle and high school in the U.S.

DVD 921 Lincoln
DVD 921 Irena Sendler

DVD F R Robinson: Best Christmas Pageant Ever

DVD F S Sacher: Holes


3d Graphic Organizers

Google Docs 4 Everyone

Using Google Docs in the Classroom Gr. 6-8

Using Google Docs in the Classroom Gr. 4-5

Chromebook Update

For the month of August we recorded 264 repair items. These were mostly cracked screens, but included Katie reimaging computers that had corrupted profiles, resetting the desktops, and broken cords. We now have information for those wishing to purchase an additional power cord and that is posted on the school's website.

Of the 264 items, 80 + September's 33 are still a)waiting to be boxed b) have been shipped or c) have warranty or other issues that we are waiting to see how to handle them.

If students can read anything on their screens, if they just have a slightly broken hinge, please do not send them to me. We want the students to keep the chromebooks as long as they can see anything to do work.

Just a reminder: Online Resources in Place

With all of the fun and new things you are learning to do with your students and Chromebooks don't forget we have some excellent resources in place. We have a subscription to World Book Encyclopedia online. The online version includes 5 different versions:

Kids (gr. 1-4

Student (gr. 4-6)

Advanced (middle and High),

Discovery (Middle School curriculum written at gr. 2-4)

Spanish Language version.

The Advanced version includes links to current newspapers online around the world, a history facts of the day, free downloadable ebooks, and other features useful in a school.

RVMS Virtual Library
This ebook collection contains 150 titles, many of which are informational text and have unlimited access. Last year, Mr. Hatton's class helped to select audio-books for the Ebook's Audio-book collection. There are Apps to help in using these.

Just a Reminder: Other things

1) Laminating - is done every other week, depending on the temperature & rain. Traditionally I've done it on Fridays. Please put your name on the back of items and leave it on the back counter by the older dry mount press.

2) Lists - I will be more than happy to make subject area lists of materials or

3) Materials Carts - If you have a topic you want explored in multiple medias, I will be more than happy to put a cart together for you that includes books, what films we have, and magazines. Examples in use so far this year include Shark Month, Maps, Personal Finance

4) Class sets of books are available. Guides for most of these are available.

5) Teacher Utility Site on the RVMS web page. This has links to graphic organizers, Aesop, rubicon, DOE, certificate makers, and all sorts of links teachers at RVMS have judged helpful. Have suggestions to add, email me.

6) Scheduling time in the library - we are available for research, circulation, and to complete small group projects that need table space for designing/drawing.


This flyer has been made through Smore, an online flyer package. It is a new to me publishing component. This has been a quick attempt to learn how it is set up. You can embed pictures, video, weblinks, and other fun stuff in a flyer using this web page. It is found at: