The Time Machine

Author of Novel: H.G Wells,

created by Andrew Romanchik

The Time machine has 238 pages.

All it takes is to just create a machine and you can discover so many new things...


The Time Traveler shows his 4 colleagues how he created a time machine. The time traveler tells his colleagues to come to his house the next day. The people arrive, and they see the time traveler all injured and torn up, and the traveler tells them how he travels to 802,701 AD. The traveler says that mankind has split up into 2 races, Eloi, and Morlocks. The Morlocks are trying to take the Eloi and use them as food, and the time traveler tries to stop them. Then the traveler goes to 2300 AD, and the humans take 2 sides. A person named Darton captures him in a secret base and Darton tries to run tests on the traveler, but he beats him up and goes back home.

Point of view:

The novel is in 1st and 3rd person view.


The Theme for the novel is that there will be always a division in humanity. This is true because the Time Traveler goes to 802,701 AD, and he realizes that development of technology won’t change the society in a good way, but instead it will do the opposite; it will decrease mentality of humanity. He also realizes that society will always be divided into the rich and the poor. Rich people will have a lavish life style, but they won’t be as intelligent. Poor people have a struggle with life, and they will rely on the rich. In the novel, we see a lot of similarities with our life today. Our world is divided by two classes rich and poor; some have everything, and others fight for their basic goods. Technology has developed exponentially: T.V, internet, smart phones, iPads, computers, people should become smarter, but at the same time technology influenced people in a bad way. People become addicted to smart phones, games, and the Internet. They are too lazy to study, and they don’t want to spend much time with their friends and family. As we can see, this will effect degradation in the future.

Important Scene

An important Scene from the novel is when the time traveler goes and finds weapons in a futuristic museum, and goes to the underground base of the morlocks, and defeats them.
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