Parent Corner

Oakdale Elementary School Parent Involvement and PTA

Welcome to the Parent Corner, Parent Involvement and PTA are excited to share a digital newsletter with you. This newsletter will be used to share important information and dates concerning Parent Involvement and PTA events and activities. Below you will learn about three upcoming events.

Join PTA

We need all of our families to join our PTA. Thank you to the families that have already joined. If you are already a member please encourage all other Oakdale families you are connect with to join as well.

Please click on the video to learn about our PTA and what you need to do to join!

PIIE Academy

Your child will bring home a pamphlet and a registration form this week explaining Piie Academy and what you can do to have a chance to win $100.00 cash. Please return the registration form if you would like to be a member of our academy. Piie(Parent Involved in Education) Academy is designed to increase positive interactions with you and your children. As we live through these difficult times and all the negativity our children encounter daily it's essential that we build a positive relationship with them. This academy will give you ideas and activities to complete with your child, and provide helpful parenting tips and information. We can all use some extra cash so let's build some great memories with our children and try to win some CASH!

Movie Day

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