You must visit Toronto!


Toronto is an amazing city. If you enjoy sports, thrilling rides, majestic animals and much more then you must visit Toronto. You can see Canada's only basketball team and only baseball team! When you're in Toronto you have to go to Canada's Wonderland to ride the Behemoth and the Leviathan to give you the thrill,excitement and intensity of riding a true roller coaster! You can not go to Toronto and not go to see all the majestical sea animals like the sea turtles, penguins or the stunning dolphins that will make you think of how incredible the world can be. The Toronto zoo is also an amazing place where you can witness all the wild creatures like the pandas or the king of the wild the lion. If you love all that stuff then you must go to Toronto.

Toronto is home to Canada’s only NBA basketball and MLB baseball teams. They are the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Blue Jays. This season the Toronto Raptors have the best team in franchise history with a winning record of 56-26! The Toronto Raptors are in the playoffs this year. If you want to see the Raptors finally win the NBA championship then you must buy tickets now before it's too late. The Toronto Blue Jays had a defining loss last year against the Kansas City Royals. That just made the Jays more hungry for the title. If you want to see the MVP Josh Donaldson make it rain, and the young gun Marcus Stroman, the future of the Jays, strike out batter after batter, then you have to get your tickets before times up. Where were you when the Jays make history?

Canada's Wonderland in Toronto has some of the best exhilarating and defending rides in all of Canada. If you enjoy death heights, spinning rides, water parks and rides with turns, loopy loops and barrel rolls then Canada's Wonderland is the place for you. You have to ride on Leviathan! It has a drop from 306 feet and goes on an 80 degree angle down a slope. It is impossible to go and do all the games, events and rides all in one day. If you go during the summer then you can see the divers three times a day dive from a waterfall with a height of over 60 feet! You have to buy tickets now for a spectacular deal of 25% off! I guarantee you don't want to miss out!

Toronto is the king of the wild! Toronto is one of the only cities with a zoo and aquarium! The zoo has so many wild animals like their famous pandas are like a real life teddy bears. There are also so many other species of animals the ezodick peacock or the emerald Mata Turtle and the king of the wild African lion. The Toronto Zoo has so many different species from across the world all in one place. If you enjoy the zoo then you must go to the aquarium. The aquarium is basically the biggest fish tank in the world! There are so many types of sea animals like the deadly sharks ,the dorky penguins, the magical sea turtles and the electric stingray. You have try to feel there stingrays with their smooth, silky and slimy skin. When go first go and touch the stingrays it will be one of the most scariest moments of your life. But when you do touch it will feel like you are in a whole new world.

That's why Toronto is an amazing city. You can see Toronto only basketball team and baseball team the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Blue Jays. You can see the Raptors finally win the playoffs and the Jays MVP Josh Donaldson make it rain and Marcus Stroman strikeout batter after batter. You can also go to Canada's Wonderland to ride the Leviathan and go see the divers dive from a waterfall over 60 feet! The zoo and the aquarium are a perfect place to make memories and see all the wild animals. You must go to Toronto to have the time of your life!