That is the scientific name for the flower "For-get-me-not"


The for-get-me-not flower is often used in ways so people do not forget other people. And only because they were like two peas in a pod. Also because people could have moved away.

The forget-me-not flower is best planted around or within other plants. They would need to have moist soil to bloom good and they will prefer blooming in shady areas but they will do just fine in the sun.

Parts of the plant.

Seed leaves

The seed leaves are the third thing that you are going to see on the plant. Also it is the second leaf you are going to see.
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The plants life cycle.

  • The plant starts of as a seed.
  • Then it starts to germinate. And that is called the germination seed.
  • Then comes the roots growing out of the seed.
  • Next comes the process of the seeding. The seeding is the part of the plant where the stem pops out of the ground.
  • Next comes the Flower Planting. The flower planting is the part where the flower starts to bloom.
  • After that is fruiting plant. And that is the part where the flower comes up.
  • Then the flower goes away and comes back the next year.
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The stages of the plant

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Dormant stage.

What is Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is where the plant takes in carbon dioxide and sends out oxygen. That is good for humans because we need to breath in oxygen not carbon dioxide.
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That is my presentation on the Forget-me-not-flower.