Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Hayley Keller-Nicholson 3-4


Tris-she is average height and she has golden brown short hair.
she is plain and doesn't wear makeup. She is very curious and selfless and brave.She is the Protagonist

Tobias- he is tall and has golden brown short hair and he is very self-centered and he is always on the lookout and he's suspicious. He's a supporting character.

Jeanine- she is average in height and she has short blonde hair. She is very cruel and ean and she thinks shes helping everyone by getting rid of people. She's the antagonist.


Tris is trying to find out who she is. I know this because Tris is wondering who she is because she got a divergent result, which means she does not fit into one of the factions. She always is trying to do new things so she can find out who she is.


The book is set in the future. The characters in the book are in a faction named Amity then they go to candor and get captured and then they get out and go back to dauntless headquarters.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict in the book is that Tris cant find where she belongs and jeanine is trying to kill her because shes a Divergent. The plot in the book is Tris is trying to get information from jeaninie but Tori kills her and then Tris gets called a traitor.

Book Recommendation

I enjoyed this book because it had tons of action. This book really caught my attention and had so many cliffhangers i was going to explode! This was such a good book to read and its just my style. I loved reading this book and im sad its over. i loved this book because it was not kidish and it was kinda more mature and i just loved it. I really did enjoy this book!