Lullaby by Amanda Hocking

Book Report by Krynn Arbuck

Plot Summary

Harper is a head strong, independent girl. She believes she can do anything, including swimming in the ocean late at night. One night while she was out for a swim she sees four girls dancing around a fire on the shore. Immediately she hides behind a rock to see who the girls are. As she gets closer she recognizes three of the girls but the fourth one is yet to show her face. Penn... Lexi... Thea... and her sister Gemma?

Now that Gemma is in with this "clique" she runs away with them but no one knows why joining a group of girls would cause her to run away. Except for Harper, her sister; Alex, her boyfriend; and Daniel the handsome, caring, and way too into Harper for his own good man. Once they start digging into different theories of why Gemma may have ran away thy begin to see a pattern of disappearing girls. Alex, being a little bit of the nerd he is looks into some mythology. He reads about these creatures called sirens, fish/bird/beautiful girls. In terms, Gemma had been "infected" with the curse of the mermaid. As the three of them search desperately for clues on where Gemma may be before it's too late Gemma is struggling with the decision of leaving her family, and struggling with holding back the urges of being a siren. Such as eating a young boys heart, the longer she resists the worse her condition comes she thought she could end it all by killing herself but she could never forgive herself if she hurt her family. Gemma learns to live like the sirens without giving into temptations while Harper, Alex and Daniel search for more clues. But will it be too late? Will Gemma give into temptation before she is found?

What did I enjoy about this book?

I enjoyed how the author gave you both of the stories at the same time so you knew what was going on for both girls at the exact time.

Was the ending satisfactory?

No and yes. The book ends on a good point to lead on to the next book but I didn't want to have to wait until the next book to find out what happens.
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