ELA Poetry Project

Poems by Shelby Johnson


After the winter snow has melted
Petunias, tulips, and other flowers grow and sprout
Rain and thunderstorms rumble all throughout spring
Interesting bugs and animals come out to see the sun
Lots of baby animals are born into the world.


Forever listing, learning, and understanding
On the ball
Concentrating hard on the task at hand
Using resources all around us
Staying in the zone


Rambunctious and rowdy
Utterly naughty kids
Disobedient and mean people
Exacerbate and exaggerate many problems

RESPECT-Found Poem

Don't be strange in public
Don't ruin school property
Don't push others into breaking rules
Dress appropriately


Sarah Gene
Is very clean
She is crabby sometimes
And she doesn't whine

Squirrels-Repeat a Word

The squirrel fell out of the tree
The squirrel ran under the bushes
The squirrel collected walnuts
The squirrel stored the nuts for winter
The squirrel went back into the tree

I Wish...-Wishes

I wish i didn't forget to do things
to love, and laugh
and my chores

I wish I could fly
up high in the sky
free as a bird

I wish my problems would leave
For my mom to be able to compromise
and me to be able to care

I wish i was strong
in many ways

I Used To Be- I used to

I used to be happy
with me and my life
But now things have changed
And my life is even better


The feather drifted
The wind blowing it away
To where it will rest

Short and Sweet Poems

What the man said when he was asked as question by and owl-Terse Verse


Fun Little Poems I Made Up

Future-Free Verse

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your future is coming
It depends on you

Cats-Free Verse

There was a cat
He was yellow and fluffy
He liked to chase rats

Poems By Shelby

Read-Aloud Poem

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