By Lampus14

The Problem

Many schools throw away a lot of garbage each day. Landfills are filling up and polluting the land. For example, aluminum cans can be recycled, but if you don't recycle them, the manufacturer has to dig up more aluminum, which pollutes the water and land. I researched different ways that our school could produce less trash.

What I Came Up With

My Solution

There are many ways for schools to use less waste. One way is to have recycling bins to seperate garbage. We could have one for bottles, cans, etc. Another way is to have a compost pile. Organtic materials would go in the pile and turn into soil. Our school could plant flowers or vegtables with the soil. The last way is to use all reusable materials such as instead of milk cartons, we could use glass cups. We could use ALL reusable silverware.