DJ Jonathan Cowan

Live in: Miami Beach

DJ Jonathan Cowan Markets Many Full Scale Events

DJ Jonathan Cowan knows how to plan a party. He has been doing so for years. His experiences have made him a valuable member of his Miami Beach City community because DJ Jonathan Cowan can plan and coordinate everything from the event’s sound to the security. DJ Jonathan Cowan also helps to plan the event’s talent and design staging. There are many areas of event planning DJ Jonathan Cowan fully participates in.

In addition to running full scale event productions, DJ Jonathan Cowan consults for various events. Many of the events he consults with or produces are music related, but occasionally he plays a part in sponsoring art and fashion events or food and wine festivals. For each event he works with, DJ Jonathan Cowan helps to market and design all aspects of the event.

As a DJ, DJ Jonathan Cowan mostly performs at music related events. He produced his first Winter Music Conference week in 1994 at the infamous Groovejet. DJ Jonathan Cowan was the executive producer of the 1999 Shelborne Winter Music Conference. After that, he continued to be the executive producer of DJMAG at the Shelborne Winter Music Conference until 2012.

In 2013, DJ Jonathan Cowan produced his series at a different venue for Winter Music Conference. He was the executive producer of the 2013 Delano Winter Music Conference weeklong event series which was was named “Hub of WMC” by New Times. For the event, DJ Jonathan Cowan partnered with Moog Music and co-sponsor DJ Mag.

DJ Jonathan Cowan’s experiences operating and producing events help to promote his own work as a DJ. For years he has worked a resident DJ in Florida and even spent a period of time from 1996 to 1997 at clubs in Dublin, Ireland and Dusseldorf, Germany. DJ Jonathan Cowan is CEO of Parrier UK which owns Renaissance UK and Arkitekt. From 2002 to 2013, DJ Jonathan Cowan worked as the resident DJ of the prestigious Pacha Ibiza and in 2010 was nominated as Ibiza’s Best Resident DJ.

DJ Jonathan Cowan: Resident DJ, Former Equestrian, and Business Owner

DJ Jonathan Cowan is a man of many talents. Like many people, he never underestimated the value of education. As a college student, DJ Jonathan Cowan attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He majored in hospitality administration and minored in international business marketing. DJ Jonathan Cowan also spent time overseas and studied at the American College of Dublin, Ireland.

Among his many talents is his history as an equestrian show jumper. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, DJ Jonathan Cowan earned the equestrian title “Champion of the Country.” He won the title three times for equestrian show jumping. In 1992, DJ Jonathan Cowan was the winner of the Rolex Talent Derby at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. At the United States Equestrian Team Olympic trials, DJ Jonathan Cowan won one phase in 1992.

It was only two years later that DJ Jonathan Cowan found his calling as a DJ. In 1994, he became the resident DJ of Groovejet Miami. He worked as the resident DJ of the club until 1999. In 2000, DJ Jonathan Cowan became an official business owner when he purchased Nerve Lounge. He owned the club for four years. In 2004, DJ Jonathan Cowan became the owner of Shine in Shelborne. He owned the club from 2004 to 2009. During that time, his club was featured in DJ Times as having the “Best Sound System in USA” for a club with under 1,500 people. DJ Jonathan Cowan is the CEO of Parrier UK, which owns Renaissance UK and Arkitekt.

DJ Jonathan Cowan’s work in business and as a DJ has served him well. He is familiar with organizing large events and full scale productions. His talent for organization has made him useful for Miami Beach City’s Commission for Cultural Development and Events. He has sponsored a number of local events such as food and wine festivals, music events, and art and fashion shows.

Music and Events Fuel the Life of DJ Jonathan Cowan

The life of a DJ can be fun and exciting as much as it can be full of competition and hard work. DJ Jonathan Cowan understands the joys and challenges of being a DJ all too well. In Florida, there are plenty of challenge in the music world. However, DJ Jonathan Cowan has done an excellent job and is recognized repeatedly for his skills as a DJ.

DJ Jonathan Cowan, like many DJs, can be found in clubs. He has been the resident DJ for numerous different clubs in his nearly 20 year span of disc jockeying. DJ Jonathan Cowan became a resident DJ in 1994 for a club called Groovejet Miami. From 1994 to 1990, DJ Jonathan Cowan worked as the resident DJ except for a period of time between 1996 and 1997. In that span of time, DJ Jonathan Cowan had moved to Ireland. In 1996, he started work as the resident DJ of The Kitchen Dublin, which is owned by Bono from U2.

After 1997, DJ Jonathan Cowan returned to Florida. By 2002, he had moved on to Pacha Ibiza. From 2002 to 2013, DJ Jonathan Cowan pumped up the crowd as the resident DJ. Even though DJ Jonathan Cowan worked as the resident DJ for these clubs, he did not go without trying his own hand as a businessman and club owner.

From 2000 to 2004, DJ Jonathan Cowan was the owner of Nerve Lounge. In 2004, he purchased Shine in Shelborne. He operated the club as owner until 2009. As owner of Shine in Shelborne, DJ Jonathan Cowan was recognized for having the “Best Sound System in USA” for a club that held under 1,500 people, according to the DJ Times. In 2010 and 2011, Ovum WMC Party, of which DJ Jonathan Cowan was the executive producer, was ranked as the #1 event in Miami by DJ Times.

DJ Jonathan Cowan Works on Miami Beach City Cultural Development and Events

Miami Beach City is a diverse place to live. There is plenty of culture to experience if you look around at the city’s population. One of the best ways to experience how much a city has to offer is by attending events held by the city. These events are meant to not only be fun, but to also be a way to engage a community as a whole. No one knows more about how difficult and exciting planning such events can be than DJ Jonathan Cowan.

DJ Jonathan Cowan has plenty of experience planning and managing full scale events, and he’s learned from these experiences. He handles large events, including the production of sound, security, talent, and staging. With plenty of years of experience as a DJ, DJ Jonathan Cowan has seen everything that goes on behind the scenes to give life to such large events.

DJ Jonathan Cowan’s hand in working event production extends to more than just the club environment. His work with full scale event production has carried over into various musical events, art shows, fashion shows, and food and wine festivals. DJ Jonathan Cowan also knows what it means to be a businessman and promote these events. DJ Jonathan Cowan often helps to market these large events and works closely with Miami Beach City Commission for Cultural Development and Events.

If you are looking for a reliable DJ to help you plan an event, no one can handle the job better than DJ Jonathan Cowan. He has years of experience as a DJ and with each event he handles, his skill and tact for managing sound, security, talent, and staging only gets better. By handling full scale event production so efficiently, DJ Jonathan Cowan has become a trusted talent source for Miami Beach City’s Commission for Cultural Development and Events.