Primary - Eagle Pride!

January 2021

Pleasanton Primary Mission Statement

The Primary family is devoted to educating and inspiring all students academically, socially, and emotionally by giving our love and instilling integrity. We will model the importance of family, faith, and wisdom with our leaders of tomorrow.

Pleasanton Primary Vision Statement

The vision of Pleasanton Primary School is to equip and empower a community of lifelong learners with the foundation to lead and succeed in our rapidly changing world.

A Message from the Principal

Happy New Year! We’ve managed to go through another nine weeks of school. It has gone by very fast. I look at our children often after a weekend or especially after a long break and stand amazed at the rate they are growing. If we don’t pay attention, we’ll miss it.

We are very proud of all of our students this school year as they have worked diligently to be excellent readers, writers and mathematicians. We will continue to strive to prepare our children, not just to succeed on state mandated assessments of minimal skills, but to be as successful as they can be in every facet of their young lives. I just ask that you continue to read with your children. Let literature be a strong part of your family life. The only other thing I would ask is that you make every effort to have your child in school every day. We understand and know this can be difficult at times. However, we can’t teach them if they are not in school.

Thank you for all you support and continued trust!

Kari Vickers

Attendance Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that the first bell rings at 7:45 A.M. and the tardy bell rings at 7:50 A.M. Please be sure to have your child at school on time daily. Breakfast is served from 7:30-8:00 for all PK students and 7:40-8:05 for Kinder and 1st graders. If your child is absent, please notify the school that he or she is out and make sure to send a parent or medical excuse when they return.

GT Nominations

Due by January 21, 2021

Nomination forms will be available upon request, in the school office. Teachers, parents, relatives, and /or friends may make nominations. Please consider the following information before making your decision to nominate.

· Testing will be taken online during the school day over a period of approximately one week for kinder and two weeks for first grade.

· Curriculum for the program is advanced and challenging. High expectations are set for student performance. Students are frequently asked to do “home projects”.

**All First Grade parents will be notified by mail after testing is complete and the GT selection committee meets.

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Andrada

Five Steps to Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is essential for social, emotional, academic and life success. Help coach children in the five-step process with these icons for I Am, I Calm, I Feel, I Choose and I Solve.

Self-regulation is the cornerstone skill for all development. It refers to both the conscious and unconscious processes that allow us to regulate our thoughts, feelings and actions in service of a goal. The five-step process for self-regulation is based on Conscious Discipline principles and is presented in detail in Managing Emotional Mayhem: The Five Steps to Self-Regulation, and in the Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Toolkit for Parents and the Feeling Buddies SelfRegulation Toolkit for Educators. The five steps are I Am, I Calm, I Feel, I Choose and I Solve.

The objectives for children when conducting the five-step self-regulation process are:

• To recognize they have been triggered and take themselves to the Safe Place.

• To begin calming themselves enough to identify the feeling they are experiencing.

• To select the appropriate Feeling Buddy, naming the emotion and then helping the Feeling Buddy regulate its emotion, creating self-regulatory inner speech for themselves.

• To choose calming and/or engaging strategies in order to shift from an upset state to an optimal learning state.

• To learn how to address the upsetting event with lifelong problem-solving skills.

Use these five downloadable icons as helpful visual reminders for you and your children as you work to master the transformational five-step self-regulation process. Post visuals where you will use them most—in your Safe Place, taped to your desk and in high-traffic areas. Create books with the icons and illustrations or photos of children demonstrating how to do each step.

Five Steps to Self-Regulation Icons

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Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES)

The Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) application, which eligible parents/caregivers would complete, is now open. Through this program, TEA is providing online accounts for eligible parents/caregivers of students with significant and complex disabilities that have been impacted by COVID-19 school closures. SSES credits are $1,500 per student to be used to supplement what otherwise happens in school to help students continue to make educational progress. The SSES Student Application Process and Criteria can be found at The What is SESS? page provides a multitude of resources as well. To apply, families should have the information below available.

  1. One of the following:
    1. Social Security Number (SSN) of eligible child
    2. S-Number (if child does not have an SSN)
    3. 10-digit TEA unique identifier (can be obtained from child’s school)
  2. 2019 Tax Documents

All questions or if assistance is needed please email or call Jana Sartor, Social Worker at 830-569-1331.

Fantastic Fridays

When your child attends school Monday through Thursday with no absences, they earn a privilege on the Friday of that particular week. We refer to this as Fantastic Fridays (FF) on the monthly calendar.

January 22- Mix match shoes

January 29– Teacher chosen privilege

February 5– College Shirt

February 12– Use a pen

February 15-19- Kindness Week

February 19– Favorite Sports Team shirt

February 26– Crazy hair

Important Dates to Remember

February 1-5th- GT testing for Kinder

February 5th- Report Cards go home

February 8-19 GT testing for 1st grade

February 12h- Jump Rope for Heart

February 15th- STUDENT HOLIDAY- Staff development day

February 19th- Progress Reports go home


We are the Eagles!

The soaring, soaring Eagles!

From Pleasanton Primary School!

We are Safe,

We are Obedient,

We are Accountable,

We are Respectful!

S-O-A-R --S-O-A-R-- S-O-A-R --SOAR!

Amazing Primary Team!

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