Boat Cookware

SmartSpace Cookware

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Boat Cookware

Do You Own a Sailboat or Motor Boat and Have Limited Storage and Cooking Space in Your Galley?

If you own a boat, and like spending time on it enjoying the ocean, the Boat cookware is great for your galley! Most people who live on their boats, most likely have a small kitchen space and small cooking surface. The storage space for your kitchen cookware and utensils is less then adequate. There is no reason why you should not enjoy a home cooked meal prepared on the boat. If you have the right type cookware that fits perfectly on your small stove, and serves many different purposes, you will be able to create a fantastic meal! When you cook your lunch or dinner, you want to make the main course as well as the side dishes. It is practically impossible to achieve if you have a limited stove space. With revolutionary SmartSpace cookware, that has a square shape, you will be able to enjoy your gourmet meals with out use of a big and bulky cookware that you may have at your home. Because of it’s square shape, you will be able to use all pots and the pan simultaneously. Superb quality of this cookware allows for even heating of both pots and the pan, the ability to use pots and pans for multiple types of food (sauces, soups, stews), and the ability to steam, saute and fry your foods. This outstanding cookware set is made of durable die cast with the 3 mm aluminum walls, however it is light enough to use and lift while the food is preparing. Another great feature of SmartSpace cookware is that, it is not only designed to save spaces on the cook top, but it also saves space in your cabinets. This nestable cookware set was designed to stack neatly within each other.

Why is SmartSpace cookware so smart and revolutionary?

  • The square shape design allows for maximum space used on the cook top .
  • Ergonomic design and detachable handle allows for extra space and maximum efficiency.
  • Replaces the need to purchase multiple cookware for different purposes.
  • The nestable cookware designed to stack each pot inside the next, and requires minimum storage space in your kitchen cabinet.

We have created Square pots and pans that fit perfectly on small stove surfaces.