By: Tess Owens

How To Cite A Website And A Book

Cite websites:

Last name, First name. "Artical title."website title.Publisher of website,Day month year artical was published.Day month year the artical was accessed.<URL>

Cite Books:

Last name, First name.Book title.publisher city:publisher name, year published.medium

MId-Continent Public Library Card Number

2000 500 114 9413
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Summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting are all different things. Summarizing is taking the main parts of a peace of text and you explain what the main idea is about. Paraphrasing is taking little peaces of text and put it in your oun words. Quoting is when you take chunks of text and put quotations around them.

What is plagiarism

Plagiarism is taking or passing off as someones own someone els's work or idea's.

You can avoid thins by use direct quotes and actually quote them or you could paraphrase but you have to cite both ways or it is still considered plagiarism.

Some consequences of plagiarism are getting expelled from college, loose your job, loose recommendations for other jobs or colleges, or be sued by the person who you stole from.

How to know if a cite is credable

It is if it ends in org, edu, gov. Do not use .com because it is not always credible.