Hidden Sugars

Do all foods have hidden sugars in them?

No, not all foods have sugar in them

List some foods that you don't have sugar in it-
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Lots of food have sugar in them but, did you know that some sugars are good for you?

If you thinking of a healthy snack to eat, I bet avocado doesn't come to your mind first but an entire raw avocado only has about one gram of sugar. Plus, it’s got tons of healthy fats! (Woman's Health)

One of my favorite berries, raspberries, only has five grams of sugar per cup, plus they’ve got more fiber than other berries, so they’ll fill you up faster! (Woman's Health)

And finally my favorite fruit, apples, the have about 19g of natural sugar. They are a good source of fiber, especially if you eat the peel (which is my FAVORITE part). The peel also has nutrients that may cut your odds of getting cancer and heart disease. Before you eat the peel, scrubbing their skins under running water can help get the pesticide off. Pesticide is a spray people use to keep bugs or worms off of fruit. (Woman's Health)

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