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Message from Ms. Higgins

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Next Friday, December 11 is Gingerbread Day in Kindergarten! We have started reading several versions of the classic story. We will be making our own Gingerbread Cookie and hoping he doesn't run away...

Holidays Around the World will be on Friday, December 18th from 9:00-11:00. We are still looking for a few more volunteers to help at centers. Please sign up on Shutterfly!

Have a great weekend!

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Monday: Gym (Wear Sneakers!)

Tuesday: Library (Don't forget books!)

Wednesday: Social Skills/Spanish

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

This Week In Kindergarten...

Morning Meeting!

We start each day with Morning Meeting! Morning Meeting consists of:

  1. Morning Greeting: High Five Greeting
  2. Morning Message
  3. Calendar
  4. Morning Movement: - No Crust!
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - No Crust: House Party Dance-A-Long Workout

Writers' Workshop-Personal Narratives

We are continuing our unit on Personal Narratives!

Person Narratives have:

1. Beginning, Middle, End

2. You on Every Page

Don't forget the Writing Process!

1. Think

2. Sketch


4. Add Details

*Check out our Sentence Checklist!

Readers' Workshop

We are looking for the Characters and Setting in our Books! We began discussing Problems and Solutions

Setting: Where the story takes place!

Characters: people, animals, creatures, and things

Problem: Something is Wrong

Solution: Fixes what is Wrong

As Readers, we read:

1. Star Books-Familiar Stories we read over and over again as a class. We look for characters in Star Books

2. Dessert Books-Books we love to look at :)


Letters of the Week:

  • v-van-/v/
  • w-wind-/w/

Letters Previously Taught:
  • t-top-/t/
  • b-bat-/b/
  • f-fun-/f/
  • m-man-/m/
  • n-nut-/n/
  • i-itch-/i/
  • u-up-/u/
  • c-cat-/c/
  • octopus-/o/
  • a-apple-/a/
  • g-game-/g/
  • d-dog-/d/
  • s-snake-/s/
  • e-Ed-/e/
  • r-rat-/r/
  • p-pan-/p/
  • j-jug-/j/
  • h-hat-/h/
  • k-kite-/k/
  • l-lamp-/l/

Activities Completed in Class:

  1. Echo/Find Letters: Students need to find letters based on the letter sounds.
  2. Sky Write/Letter Formation: Students learn how to write the letters of the week
  3. Student Notebooks: Students practice writing the letters of the week with proper formation (remember letters fall from the sky just like rain :) )
  4. Word Sorts: Students complete picture/word sorts for the letters of the week.
  5. Word Play: Students learn about different structures of sentences. Now that we know some sentence tips we are working on putting them in the correct orders ourselves and self-checking!

Below is a video going through the FUNdation Letter Cards. Start practicing at home to learn the FUNdation lingo!

FUNdations A - Z Letter Practice


  • Counting-Compared different ways to color: in a line, scattered, in a circle
  • Introduction to Rectangles-Looked for rectangles in magazines
  • Number Stories-Solved Gingerbread Number Stories!

Mystery Reader!

Mystery Reader Sign Ups are now on Shutterfly! Please sign up through the website. If the dates/times do not work for you, please e-mail for me additional slots.

Older Siblings are welcomed! Please make sure you/they check with their homeroom teacher first!

Mystery Reader

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