Google Classroom

Request Approval

Go to App Store - Search Google Classroom - Click Free - Click Add

Go to Classroom Home page - Choose “I’m a Teacher” - Click the plus sign at the top of the page - create class - OK to request verification

Once you get the verification click the plus sign at top of page to create classes

Create your Class

Create a separate class for each period - each class will have a class code displayed at the bottom left, the students will use this code to join your class.

You will want to click on the bars at the top choose settings and uncheck “send email notifications”

Google Classroom - Creating a Class

Students Join

If student isn’t already using classrooms in other classes they will need to go to the web store and add Classroom to their account.

They will join your class by clicking on the plus sign and entering your class code.

Google Classroom - Adding Students

Creating an Announcement

Can select multiple classes

Use for general information - videos - resources

Google Classroom: Creating An Announcement


Can select multiple classes

can choose to “make copy for each student” so they don’t mess up your master

You will be able to see when the students “turn in” or “complete”

If students miss a due date it will show as “late” on their side and yours

Google Classroom: Creating an Assignment