PACE Newsletter

Week of November 16th-20th, 2015

Dear PACE Parents,

This week we learned about Mummies! We created mummies out of newspaper and bandages. We created a flow map to describe the mummification process. We learned about Egyptian burial beliefs and customs.

We also learned how Archeologists use modern technological tools to learn more about Ancient Egyptian culture, society, and their everyday lives. We discussed how tourists can be supportive of Egyptian artifacts, yet there is a serious concern when artifacts are damaged or taken out by tourists. At the same time, it is helpful to the Egyptians and their economy when people come to their country to see historical sites.

I am so thankful to work with such wonderful students and parents!

Have a great week!!!

Meg Farley

HOMEWORK-(Optional due to the holiday week!)

Use a small box (like a shoe box), to create a sarcophagus for your mummy!

Check out some of the homework assignments we saw this week!!!

Big image
A little technology magic!!

I want my Mummy!!!

The students started making a mummy in class this week using newspaper and plaster gauze. We will add finishing touches the week after the break!!
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Salt dough recipe

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup water

Mix together and then knead for 5 minutes. This dough mixture will harden when left uncovered.